Salt is so much more than something you sprinkle on french fries.  It touches your everyday life in ways you can’t imagine.”

This is a quote from saltinstitute.org, the website for the “Salt Institute”, a nonprofit trade group that promotes the many uses of, you guessed it, salt.  Since our name gives us this clever little acronym, which we think is pretty catchy, we thought it might be interesting and fun to look at exactly what our namesake seasoning could tell us.  

So what does “salt” (NaCl) do?

  • It enhances flavor.
  • It preserves.  
  • It can change the composition and characteristics of certain things.
  • It can remove stains.
  • It can make roads more passable in the wintertime (although not much here in Tucson).   
  • Salt arguably makes peoples’ lives better.  (except for those with high blood pressure)

So it looks like our name gives us a lot to live up to.  Maybe Tucson could use a little SALT!

SALT (also known as Southern Arizona Land Trust, Inc.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing

Safe Affordable Living in Tucson  orange-icon

At SALT we take very seriously the concept of “home”.  We think of “home” as much more than the four walls and a ceiling.   SALT is unique in that we want to provide single family residence options to those who need affordable housing. Most affordable housing providers, whether municipal, non-profit or private for profit groups, tend to focus on multi-family housing, i.e., apartment buildings. Living in an apartment should not be the only affordable housing solution.  SALT is dedicated to providing single family homes and in turn stabilizing neighborhoods and communities.  We believe this helps individuals and families live better and more productive lives  and will make Tucson a better place to live and work.

Back to the analogy we started with.  It is our fervent hope that SALT can help preserve neighborhoods and families, remove and remodel distressed properties, change the way people think and the way they utilize affordable housing, and ultimately help pave the way for those having difficulties during icy economic times.  We understand that SALT is not the silver bullet solution to the affordable housing problem,  but we believe that we can be a large part of the solution here in Tucson.  We’re trying to do our part to make a difference in the lives of our tenants, purchasers and the communities we are a part of.  SALT is trying to make Tucson, already one of the most unique and vibrant cities in the United States, an even better place to live.

This blog is our way to keep our staff, supporters, partners and the community as a whole, informed about affordable housing in Tucson and what SALT is doing to help provide quality homes to those who need them.   We believe that affordable housing affects, and is affected by, many facets of life, including the trends in the real estate market, the local and national economy,  and education.  As such we’ll likely cover a breadth of topics related not just to affordable housing but to real estate in general, especially the local market.  In addition, we’ll try to give you a very good idea of what SALT is, what we do, who we serve, and why.  Our plan for this blog is to post meaningful content two to three times per week.  But as special events and announcements warrant, that number may vary.

This blog is for our supporters, tenants, and other constituents – not for us.  We want this to be more of a conversation with the community than us yelling from the mountaintops about what we think you should know.  Therefore, comments and feedback are encouraged.  We want you to let us know what you like about what we are doing and why or what you don’t like or what you want to hear more about.

Whether Tucson needs SALT or not, we know that SALT needs you.  We need support from our friends and partners to continue to provide affordable housing and other related services to those in need.  So we ask you to follow us through this platform and let’s work together to add a little seasoning to an already wonderful city.  Thanks for reading!

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