My experience in the past with renting a home or just moving in general, has always been stressful and nerve racking up until I was recently referred to Richard Hermes at SALT Properties. Richard went above and beyond since the very beginning of the process, from helping me find a home that suited my families needs to keeping me updated throughout the entire approval process and finishing of my brand new home. Working with Richard and SALT Properties truly made the experience of renting a home enjoyable and as stress free as moving can possibly be! In fact I was so pleased with my overall experience that I recommended Richard to a friend that had been thinking of moving and he was able to have her approved and moved in to her new home within a weeks time. After being moved in to my home SALT continues to strive to help out in any way they can to ensure their clients happiness. When I first moved in I had some difficulties hooking my washer and dryer up and Richard sent the Maintenance Manager Matt out to see what was going on. Matt was just as helpful and personable as Richard and also took the time to go above and beyond to help me resolve my issue. SALT Properties is by far the best company I have ever worked with and genuinely turned an ordinarily stressful situation into a happy ending! I would recommend SALT to anyone and everyone who is in the market for a personalized renting experience.

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