New statistics on Tucson’s local economy and its affordable housing scene from our friends at MAP (Making Action Possible) Southern Arizona. 

According to MAPs newest Housing Affordability index, 76.3% of homes sold in the Tucson Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) were affordable to a family earning the local median income. This ranked Tucson first among peer metropolitan areas in housing affordability, followed closely by Colorado Springs.

For some additional context the share of affordable homes in Portland was below 50% while San Diego’s share of affordable homes was so low, at 20.7%, it was off the chart! Historically the share of affordable homes in Tucson has fluctuated. However, since 2009 it has remained higher than the national share.

While this is great news for most Tucsonans, we all know that more work need to be done.  SALT works daily to improve housing outcomes and affordability for all our citizens.  If you would like more information on SALT and its work in affordable housing, please click the Contact tab above.

Click here to see more of MAP’s statistics about our local economy.

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