How can I pay my rent?

SALT uses a payment program called Rent Cafe which allows you to pay your rent online.  You must contact SALT first to get your “T” number to register, and make sure SALT has your correct email account.

If you wish to make an online payment simply go to Online Payments and follow the instructions.  Clicking on this link will take you away temporarily from the SALT website, so be prepared to sign-up or sign-in on Rent Cafe when you do so.

At the SALT office, tenants may pay during business hours, leave a payment in the drop box, or obtain a WIPS card and pay at various locations. 

How do I make a maintenance request?

Please use one of the following options to request non- emergency repairs:

  1. Enter your request in rent café. If you are not registered for rent café, contact the Rental Property Manager for information.
  2. Call the office at 520-352-2626 extension 1.

To request an emergency repair that requires immediate attention:

  1. During business hours, you may call the office at 520-352-2626 to speak to a member of the SALT team at extension 1 or 2.  If we do not answer, do not leave a message! Hang up and call our emergency number at 520-408-4318 and they will contact maintenance. .
  2. After business hours or anytime the office is closed or we do not answer the phone, call our emergency number 520-408-4318 and they will contact maintenance.


When is my rent due?

All rent is due on the first (1st) of the month.  There is a 5 day grace period before late fees will start to apply.

Are there late fees?

Late fees are applied to any unpaid rent balances after the 5th of each month.  A $50 late fee is charged on the 6th of the month, plus $5 per day thereafter up to a maximum of $135 per month.

Is there a list of housing available for rent?

Yes.  Because SALT’s rental units are affordable and very well maintained, they do not remain vacant very long when they do become available. Any currently available properties are listed on our website.  Go to Available Rentals and take a look!

Who can I contact about leasing a SALT property?

For questions about our available rental properties, please call our office at 520-352-2626.

Are there any income or other financial restrictions on renting or purchasing SALT properties?

Yes.  SALT provides affordable housing for low to moderate income families.  We have income restrictions on various properties, and perform thorough qualification reviews in our application/underwriting process.  

How can I find an application to rent a SALT property?

We have an online application that you can download.  See SALT Rental Application materials

Does SALT accept tenants with Section 8 vouchers?

Yes.  SALT works with many tenants that receive vouchers for housing assistance through Section 8.

Where are SALT’s homes located?

SALT’s homes are scattered around Tucson/Pima County.  Many of these homes are located on the South side of town, but our units are scattered widely over the area. Click here to view Available Properties.

Does SALT allow pets?

Yes, with limitations. Residents must sign a pet agreement form and pay a 

non-refundable pet fee. For additional information speak to the SALT Property Manager

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