My name is Jessica. I am married with 3 boys (15, 11, 4). Prior to renting with SALT Properties we were in a 4 bedroom house, on the same side of town for 4 years. Our lease was going to expire at the end of February. Understanding the long process and paper work involved with section 8 housing we started looking for homes to rent in early January. Almost every place we inquired turned us down due to them not wanting to be involved with section 8. The places that did accept section 8 turned us away because of our 3 dogs. We were very stressed thinking we were going to have to re home our animals. Something our boys were not willing to consider. Looking every day at homes for rent I came across a rental thru SALT Properties in early February. They had a 3 bedroom home for rent and that seemed to be what we would have to settle with. Going directly to their website I noticed a 4 bedroom that was just placed for rent. I inquired and immediately received a response. Working with Richard from start to finish helped our transition go as smooth as possible. The home would not be ready til early March which was fine since our lease was up 2/28. We did drive by the property to see the outside and with out taking a tour of the inside, we figured if the outside looked perfect and in great shape the inside would be the same, and with SALT being familiar with the section 8 housing process and inspection guidelines we were confident the inside would be livable. This is something I admit was not a wise choice but desperation took over, and we were not disappointed. We applied and within a week we were approved. Section 8 housing currently is behind in processing. Previously having to wait up to 6 months for a reply from section 8 regarding a unrelated household update we expected to have to wait with no estimated resolve date. With less then a week left on our lease, and our landlord at the time unwilling to work with us, we had to make arrangements to stay with family until the process was complete. We did communicate with Richard our situation, and with out hesitation he was able to help us out tremendously. Saving us a great deal of money and stress he allowed us (with section 8 approval) to store our belonging in the garage of the home. Which saved us storage fees and we were able to avoid having to rent a moving truck a second time. The agreement allowed us to pay the first months rent, and deposit, with the understanding that section 8 would pay their portion once all paperwork was processed. The lease was signed and that day we moved in. I truly believe Richards persistence in this matter helped us get in to what we have all considered the home of our dreams. Our kids are extremely happy. My husband and I thank god everyday we found SALT Properties. Our future goal is to be able to get off housing assistance and possibly purchase this very home or one similar. Something Richard explained to us is a possibility. Never having heard about SALT Properties I would have never known there was a company out there and a person who was willing to help my family find the perfect home, in such a small window of time. I encourage anyone looking to move start with SALT Property. Moving is not easy and very stressful. Having Richard and SALT Properties to help us was something we will forever be grateful for.

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