Official Press Release: Dec. 20, 2019

Jennie Grabel, Director of Marketing and Communications



Making the season bright for rental tenants with $100 gift cards

During a time when affordable housing is considered a national crisis two Pima County nonprofits go above and beyond to make their tenants’ seasons a bit brighter. Southern Arizona Land Trust (SALT) and Family Housing Resources (FHR) announced today that they will provide $100 gift cards to each of their rental units for the holidays. These gifts are just one way that SALT and FHR work thoughtfully and diligently to go above and beyond the typical landlord/tenant relationship as nonprofit organizations supporting affordable housing in Tucson. SALT owns and manages 133 rental units and FHR operates 6 rental properties totaling 214 units. Collectively over 350 households will be impacted by this generous and timely gift.

“Understanding that the holidays can be stressful on many levels SALT believes in being a supportive champion for our tenants,” said Jeff Singleton, Executive Director at Southern Arizona Land Trust. “We hope these gifts can make a difference for a happy holiday season.”

“FHR was thrilled to partner with SALT in showing our tenants that we value and appreciate them,” said Meghan Heddings, Executive Director at Family Housing Resources. “We too understand that the holidays can add a lot of extra expenses to those with limited income and we’re happy to make these gifts to each of our units.”

SALT and FHR are sister organizations both founded by the Pima County Industrial Development Authority to work on supporting economic development through housing support and wealth building.

About SALT: Southern Arizona Land Trust is a support organization of the Pima County Industrial Development Authority whose mission is to provide the Tucson/Pima County metropolitan area with affordable housing opportunities for low- to moderate-income households. SALT envisions a Tucson where everyone has housing available to them that is a blessing and not a burden. SALT works to improve the lives of Tucsonans by investing in and revitalizing neighborhoods through the development of quality affordable housing.

About FHR: Family Housing Resources is a support organization of the Pima County Industrial Development Authority whose mission is to create lasting solutions to help individuals and families reach financial freedom through housing support, education, and partnership. FHR envisions a community with equal access to quality, affordable housing and pathways to increased wealth and financial freedom.

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